Free Estimates No two projects are the same. We don't believe in one price fits all, because we won't skimp on your service. We will come to your site and provide accurate, realistic, and reasonable estimates.

Tree Trimming & Branch Removal Do you have a tree with branches that are dead or hazardous? Maybe a tree that is over grown and unsightly. Branches that are close to power lines or phone lines and branches that rub against roof tops are removed to prevent property damage and possible injuries. Dead, diseased and broken branches are removed to improve the health and beauty of the tree. Tree trimming is often a preventative solution to more costly problems in the future. We can remove hazardous branches and limbs from trees in no time.

Stump Removal & Stump Grinding Stumps and tree roots can easily be ground down to flat planting areas. Front yards or back yards—we have several different size grinders to fit the need of your project.

Tree Cabling & Tree Bracing Cabling is performed as a preventative safety measure. Trees that are damaged or that have the potential for causing damage by splitting or falling are often cabled to help reduce the risk of further damage. Cabling can also be used to help stabilize a multi-trunked tree.

Storm Work, Emergency Tree Services & Insurance Claim Quotes If you sustain storm damage from your trees, Dave's Tree Service can help you remove the damaged trees or limbs and debris quickly. We can provide you with a tree service or removal quote for your insurance company to help expedite your claim. We work with you to restore your property's beauty as quickly as possible.

Large & Dangerous Tree Removal We remove all sizes and types of trees using methods similar to trimming trees. We perform in either front or back yards with our aerial trucks or by climbing with rope and cable. We are an experienced tree service that can rope tree branches and logs away from any obstacle under a tree. We are among the best in close quarter tree removal. We chip all the brush and haul all the wood away.